What to consider when selling your car

by admin

For some selling your car is an exciting adventure, allowing you to move onto your next car purchase. For other sellers, it can be a painful experience, parting with a well loved car to upgrade to something more suitable.

There are a number of factors you should consider, when looking to sell your car.

Is your car economical to run anymore?

Before even advertising your car for sale, you should consider whether it is worth keeping your current car. If the cost of the repairs, combined with higher road tax costs and running costs are eating into your budget, then it might be time to consider a newer car. If the higher costs are making you think, yes, that’s me, then read on for more hints and tips on what to consider when selling your car.

Should you use a broker?

There are a number of websites, such as www.webuyanycar.com, where you can get a valuation on your car online and then the broker will buy the car directly from you. This could prove helpful, for someone looking for a quick and easy way of selling their car. There is the drawback, that you could potentially get less than the car’s value. When using brokers, it is always worth doing a few comparisons to see how much you could potentially save or lose.

How much is your car worth?

When selling you car, you need to have a value in mind. Research should be conducted to help price your car in line with the local market. One of the best ways to start valuing your car, is to look at adverts for the same car. There are a number of places you can look for comparison cars. These could be online adverts, dedicated car sales websites, newsagents and going to your local car dealership. When pricing you car you should consider age, mileage, condition, any advisories on the MOT and if it has any additional features from the standard.

Should you MOT and tax your car before selling?

Having a long, or a recently acquired MOT, can make the car more desirable to buyers, especially if the car is older. If there are a number of advisories on the MOT, it maybe prudent to have these sorted before selling. However, it is wise to weigh up the costs of the repairs versus the eventual resell price.

It is now illegal in the UK to sell a car with tax, on selling your car you should apply for a refund. It is the responsibility of the buyer to purchase and tax the car.