Tools that makes car repairs easier

by admin

Before embarking on a journey of DIY auto repair, the car owner must make sure they have the necessary tools to make their repairs easier. There are some great accessories available on the market that will fit any budget. Here are some of these kits listed.

Monkey wrenches

Wrenches are used on bolts and ratchets so they play an important part in the tools department. It is better to buy a set of different sized wrenches and use them on bolts that are inaccessible. This type of tool is also handy in holding a nut while using a ratchet to loosen the other bolt.

Allen wrenches

Most modern cars require hex or Allen wrenches. These L-shaped steel tools range in length from 2 to 6 inches. Allen wrenches are the easiest and most inexpensive tools that every car owner should have in their garage. These kits can be lifesavers, especially if the car owner comes across certain bolts. It is best to double check if the vehicle is metric or SAE before selecting the right wrench.

Jack with stands

When there is work that needs to be done under the car, a jack with two stands comes in handy. If the car owner has a large 4×4, they will need a heavy-duty set that can fully support the weight of the car. A jack with stands is used to support the vehicle when the owner is working underneath it so this tool should never be skimped on.


Good quality screwdrivers are the most basic tools to have in the garage. At the very least one medium-sized flat head and one Phillips screwdriver are necessary. These tools can be bought from any hardware shop or a local home-improvement store. By being equipped with multiple sizes of screwdrivers, car owners can get into tight spaces without causing any damage to the screw heads.

Locking pliers

These tools are sometimes referred to as Vise-Grips. They are used to grip and lock on the fastener tightly. These pliers are especially useful when a bolt or nut is stuck and a wrench no longer works.